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Rental Terms

Minimum Rental Age Policy

In our company, any person applying to be listed as the driver or as an additional driver on a qualified renter’s agreement must have a valid driver’s license,and meet the minimum standard age of 20 years for A,B,C,D of Car types.

Rental Period

In OFB Tourism the minimum rental period can't be less then one day. Vehicles are rented on a daily, 24-hour basis beginning at your pick-up time. . After one hour, hourly charges may apply. After three hours, a full-day charge may apply


Our prices include; free mileaage, second additional driver, and %18 VAT. The benzine cost belongs to the customer.

Payment and Deposite

Payment for the total amount of the rental can be made with a valid credit card. There is  need to pay a deposit.


CDW is included in our prices. OFB Tourism provides you, the renter and authorized drivers with a way to minimize or eliminate your responsibility for loss or damage to the rental vehicle through the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) However, if the car is  driven by unauthorized person, and/or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if the traffic report is not submitted without moving the car from the place of accident, Collision Damage Waiver is considered void.

Personal Accident Incsurance

PAI protects you in the event of accidental death or bodily injury for the duration of the rental. This type of insurance is not included to the total price. If you want this type of insurance you need to pay 10 Euro per Person (For whole of rental period only one time.)

Pickup and Pickoff

If your reservation request has been confirmed by OFB Tourism that means you will be welcome at the delivery place you mentioned at the time. Airport and Hotel Delivery are free. (If the hotel is outside of city then you need to pay some cost for it)


-All local traffic laws must be fully obeyed.

-The vehicle should not be driven inappropriately and the driver should not be fully at fault.

-The vehicle should not be moved from scene of the accident before local authorities arrive and all accident and alcohol reports are obtained and sent to EuroPark within 48 hours of the accident.

-Driver must be registered on the rental agreement

-Vehicle should not be driven by unlicenced driver(s)

Otherwise all insurance will be invalid and the renter will be tully liable for all damages financially. In addition, misrepresentation amd misleading statements to Sixt officials , to authorized traffic and to local security force, driving the vehicle ina areas closed to traffic or in prohibited zones, or driving with an overload of cargo or passenger shall constitute grounds for automatic cancellation of the insurance



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